9 Ways to be successful at work

By Jayden Williams, Host of The Boardroom Podcast
June 7, 2021
Once you land that job, your next objective is being successful in that role. Career advancement and recognition is on every professional's list of goals, but what sets the exceptional professionals apart?
Take Some Initiative
Careers today requirement so much more than someone coming in to fulfil a role and maybe take a risk or two.

In the current competitive landscape, employees must bring new ideas to the table, take initiative, suggest changes, being new projects and bring solutions to business problems.
Evaluator Yourself Regularly
Do not wait for your manager or boss to evaluate your career progress or performance. Do it on a regular basis by yourself - do it against the goals you set yourself, short or longterm goals as see how you are tracking.

To help evaluate yourself and also give yourself the best chance to hit your own goals, create a detailed plan for yourself, that is easy for you to follow and clearly outlines how you will achieve success.

At some point in the future, show your personal performance review to your manager or boss. This will show you understand the importance of improvement and setting standards for yourself.
Always be Learning
To excel in your career, don't rely on past knowledge to get you through future scenarios. You must constantly be learning and building on your knowledge base.

Know matter what your education was, situations at work will always be different and highlight specific challenges. The best thing you can do is be prepared for anything.

One of the easiest way to apply the always be learning philosophy is to be constantly asking questions whilst at work. Ask why things are this way, make suggestions and challenge management or processes, topics, etc.
Anticipate Needs
Being successful at any job or career for that matter, you must have the awareness to understand the needs of your manager or team. Stay ahead of your boss by asking yourself "If I were my boss, what would I want done next?" By being efficient and taking initiatives, it will go a long way in showing your positive attitude and commitment to the team.
Become a Great Communicator
Communication by everyone involved in a company is pivotal to the success of the organisation. Communication can be the simple thing that goes unnoticed in teams who are efficient at it, or be glaringly obvious is teams failing.

You role in a team is to be a proactive communicator - share updates in a timely matter, get help at the time you need it and inform people when something is done and you are moving on. People will appreciate it and respect your ability to communicate with them.
Set Hairy Goals
Shift your mindset at work that you are being paid to achieve goals and not to be "working hard" and "super busy". The businesses is trying to achieve goals, so you should be there to do the same.

To along with the vision and mission of the business and have a goal orientated mindset, you should set your own personal goals that help the business achieve theirs.

You achieving your goals, will help the business and those around you achieve theirs and you will feel so much more fulfilled at work.
Build Genuine Trust
Think of it like this: the sooner you gain the trust of the people you work with, the sooner you will have to worry about certain stresses at work.

If people find you trust worthy, they will delegate tasks to you, lean on your for advice and involve you in important conversations.

All of this is to ensure you are a good person to work with, but also will accelerate your career faster than you can believe.
Look to Create Solutions
Everyone goes to their manager with problems, never solutions. You will be the opposite; you will always share problems with your manager to make sure they are aware of what is happen, but along with that you will share what solution you think will solve the problem.

This show initiative, but also reduce the stress on your manager to be the person to solve everything. That is partly your job, they are there to ensure we have thought of the right solution and help ensure it happens.
Have Compassion
Being a good employee requires compassion and understanding that your manager, and fellow employees are doing their best. Throwing a tantrum is not going to do anyone any good, neither will constantly complaining about how much work you're doing. At the end of the day, everyone is doing their fair share of the work they're getting paid for.
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