7 strategies to having a successful career

By Jayden Williams, Host of The Boardroom Podcast
June 7, 2021
Having a successful career will offer you a lot of benefits and genuine opportunities to make an impact. There are certain habits that successful people from all over the world do; the best way of approaching success is by following and figuring out what are the strategies that professionals use, and model them according to your desired career-path.
Figure Out Your Goals
Before you even consider starting out on your career journey, consider where you want to go. You don't have to be fixed, but I have seen people just simply following a path and end up being sad for don't ending up where they wanted to be.

This is your chance to dream, think big and be wild in your approach - if you get close to those wishes you may be further along than the alternative smaller successes.

When you start going deep, think about the connection between your inner desires and your rational goals.

They have to match - to ensure you feel fulfilled with your professional life. Setting goals takes a lot of time and effort, don't rush it but it is important to any successful journey.
Build A Resume
Your resume is a chance to show to someone what value to can bring to them - hence why it is important to create a neat and professional resume.

Opportunities can come from any where, at any time and you must be prepared with a resume that best showcases you at that moment in time.

Don't complicate it - be clear, show real experience and be honest in what you have achieved. Not being authentic on your resume does more harm than good.
Identify Your Strengths
We always talk about strengths and weaknesses, but for good reason. Being self aware about your strengths can propel your career further than any degree, connection or mentor ever could.

Is it wise to spend time understanding your strengths. These can be assisted by your goals from early steps, and choosing a profession according to what you are naturally best at will give you motivation and drive to be successful.

Strengths can certainly evolve and weaknesses can be minimised by training and education, but you should always be conscious of your strengths and how they relate to your career.
Take Full Responsibility
One difference between people that cruise through life and those who succeed is they take responsibility for what happens.

They don't let things fall into the hands of someone else and hope the best outcome for them will happen. They work work, put themselves in situations for success and be as prepared as possible - the outcome is the outcome, but they do everything they can to be on the winning side.

I suggest you start taking responsibility of you actions, never blame anyone for your mistakes and don't take things personally, be calm in all situations.
Always Raise Standards
Your standard should influence how you think, believe and behave. Setting high standard gives you a measuring point in everything you do, ensuring you always push for the best; even if you don't succeed.

Every now and then, reflect upon your standards and values - try to improve them and slowly you will become a better version of yourself.
Have A Personal Brand
Companies spend big on branding and for good reason. A companies brand evokes in people what that business stands for, their values and reputation in market. Your brand is your image in the marketplace.

Stand considering your actions, behaviour and outputs as your brand. Identify what you want that to be and start developing on that. This brand can carry with you throughout your entire career, good or bad.
ALWAYS Be Networking
Networking can open up doors that otherwise would never be open or founded by you through other means. Networking is actually all about people and relationships, never forget that. You must bring value to networking (professional relationships) like you would outside of this environment.

Successful people throughout history and into the future will have a well develop network and will always be creating connections and relationship.

Always be networking is a philosophy - start by having a professional profile on LinkedIn but always have in the back of your mind that networking can happen everywhere and at any time. If you live the philosophy, you will see networking opportunities everywhere!
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